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User Effect Contest Winners

Note to self: Apparently, 250 subscribers isn't quite enough to start running contests :) Either that, or I scared you all off with my stipulation of posting the winners' reviews online.

At any rate, thanks to my 4 entrants, and since you all seem to be legitimate, you're all winners! I'll be contacting you personally over the next couple of days. I've decided that, since the point of this was mostly to test-drive some new service offerings and some entrants submitted on behalf of clients, I'll be keeping the reviews private.

Thanks to those that entered, and I'll be back to my normal blog posts next week.

Linda Bustos

 · Thursday, March 13
I'm looking forward to your reviews! I love real-life usability consultations in blog format. Congrats to the lucky winners :)

Michael Sullivan

 · Monday, March 17
I'd be interested in the 5th spot if its still available, I don't know how I missed the contest... Let me know and I'll gladly write why I need the usability help. (We met last month at the SEO/SEM workshop).

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