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Why Do People Hate Usability?

We're proud to introduce User Effect's newest staff member: our Muppet intern, Yoozer. Yoozer is here to answer your toughest questions about usability:

My apologies to anyone who expected to learn something from this post. This first one was just for fun. And yes, by "first one", I mean that there are more to come. No, that's not a threat.


 · Wednesday, April 22
You've finally lost it.

I like how Yoozer's colors match the website.

Quentin Brown

 · Wednesday, April 22
I wasn't to sure what you meant by Muppet intern. I thought you meant a droan employee or something till I watched the video.

Wow now I know!


 · Wednesday, April 22
I LOVE this video!

Shana Albert

 · Wednesday, April 22
Okay, I could be totally star-struck..... but am I the only one who thinks Yoozer is totally hot?! Smart and Hot.... I <3 him!! [sigh]

Loved the video!!


 · Wednesday, April 22
whoa...i'm trying to think if, as a new user to the blog, this would scare me or not. ;)

as a long time lurker/occasional commenter i must say that i love muppets and i think yoozer is freaking awesome. can't wait until more muppets join the show!! :D

Dr. Pete

 · Wednesday, April 22
@MikeTek - Being a total dork, I actually had him created to match the company colors.

@Quentin - I find myself wondering if you mean "Wow, that's hilarious", or "Wow, I'm concerned for your mental health and am never coming back" ;)

@Shana - Thanks, but I'm a bit worried about you :)

@James - I did wonder many times during filming if this was a good idea or not. The way I figure it, we usability folks sometimes take ourselves a bit too seriously, which sort of goes against the whole philosophy of usability, when you really think about it.

Mike Maddaloni - The Hot Iron

 · Thursday, April 23
Wow! And I thought Mrs. Dr. Pete was the one with the Second City training! :)

Did you make those puppets yourself, and are you the voice behind all of them??

I'm looking forward to future episodes...



 · Thursday, April 23
Ha, good work Pete - though a little freaky!! :-)

Dr. Pete

 · Thursday, April 23
@Mike - Puppet-making is beyond my skills, I'm afraid. FAO Schwarz has an online Muppet workshop where you can customize your own creation. The voice-work is all me.

James Bull

 · Friday, April 24
Dear Yoozer,

Can you explain why so many people who build social media websites/applications hate usability? Or am I the only person in the world who struggles to figure out exactly what I'm supposed to do after I sign up? Or what I'm signing up for in the first place?

Please tell me if it's just me. Or all of them.



Dr. Pete

 · Friday, April 24
@James - I'm not allowing Yoozer to answer his own mail just yet, but I'll keep it in mind for future videos ;)

Coach Shoe Guy

 · Tuesday, May 5
A lot of people don't do the usability stuff because it usually takes a little more work than usual. People like to take the easy route.

Jaamit SEO

 · Sunday, May 10
Wow. Dr Pete, you are some kind of genius. I'm not sure which kind yet though.

I particularly love the black hat evil kiddy fiddler character. Does he have a name and will he feature in future videos?

Dr. Pete

 · Monday, May 11
@Jaamit - Hmmm... you're getting ahead of me - I hadn't thought of giving him a name. A friend of mine suggested I create a nemesis for Yoozer and call him Loozer, which I kind of liked.

Jaamit SEO

 · Monday, May 11
@Dr. Pete while you're at it just had another idea - a nemesis for Dr. Pete, based around Dr. Nick from the Simpsons ("Hi Everybody...") - a kind of Usability Quack who spouts out common misconceptions...?

*sigh* back to work...

Vineet Dwivedi

 · Tuesday, February 23
Don't you think colors are too bright..looks for kids.

Jason @ Inbound Internet Marketing

 · Monday, April 19
Hi Dr Pete,

Thanks for the video...I'll never see Kermit the frog in the same light again!

Great Resource

 · Monday, May 24
Video is really funny. Thanks for sharing
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